Yes I want to add Heavy-Duty HFBE unit:

The Micro-Sluice Concentrator is based on the Micro-Sluice 2 uses a "double-deck/high banker" design and will accept any size material and retain the gold from 4 mesh (1/4") down to 200- mesh. 

No pre-classified or pre-screening required! Highly portable, with a size and weight of 12" x 25" (folded up) and 14 pounds, the Micro-Concentrator will process up to 300 lbs per hour. The accuracy is typically 98% for visible gold and 60-90% for sub-visible (free) gold, down to 200- mesh. The Heavy-Duty HFBE Vibrator is recommended for those "difficult" jobs with micron or "flour" gold.

With the unique water recycling system and ability to handle any size material without pre-classifying, the Micro-Concentrator is the first truly portable, mini high banker! A 1250 GPH high efficiency pump, with two nozzles, circulates water from buckets or pools, using only 3 amps x 12 VDC. This will allow about 10 hours use on a car battery or, for true portability as a high banker, 3.5 hours of use on a light motorcycle battery (Battery not provided). Designed for heavy duty use, the Micro-Concentrator will provide years of reliable operation with either the 12 VDC pump version or with included hose adapter. Four aluminum legs provide a sturdy and accurate means of mounting to the HD 5 gallon Pump/base bucket(provided). Built-in angle indicator guarantees correct angle of sluice and repeatable results.

In operation, the upper "hopper sluice" is fed any size material which dissolves in the water flow to form an ore slurry. This passes over the 1/4" grizzly.  Oversized material is rejected and the 1/4" minus material passes into the lower sluice. The slurry now passes over a micro-classifying plate, with approx. 4,000 holes that are 1/16" (.062) and then into quiet water.  The sub-visible gold is collected in this manner. Larger particles pass into the sluice where rubber vee-grooves, mesh and riffles capture 98% of the visible gold. Any quantity of concentrate will be reduced to only three tablespoons of "super-concentrate" which will pan to clean gold in 5 minutes. The unique triple classification system produces atruly 1st class gold recovery machine!

The Micro-Concentrator is ideal for desert use as a wet recycler, on river banks or small pools - the anywhere gold machine! With all Micro-Sluice Gold Products, reliability is our hallmark.

The Micro-Concentrator will outperform any gold wheel in terms of accuracy, speed, or value!

BONUS: although not designed as such, Rock Hounds in the southeastern U.S.describe the Micro-Concentrator as an "AWESOME" machine for separating & classifying gem stones.

Over 3,900 Micro-Sluice units have been sold in 16 countries over the last seventeen years!

 Micro-Sluice Gold Products are consistent as reliability is our hallmark.

Standard unit includes:

-2 Buckets
-Float pump kit
-Hose adapter
-Micro-Moss Extender Assembly
(Shipping + tax not included)